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Hypertension is essentially due to a progressive narrowing of the caliber of vessels caused by excessive vasoconstriction, atherosclerotic plaques may further exacerbate the oxygen edeficit in tissues with possible ischemia. H2S doubtless contributes to blood pressure regulation. In experimental models, a deficiency of H2S-producing enzymes results in hypertension whereas  administration of H2S donors lowers blood pressure and protects against organ damage. The effect is mediated by interactions with nitric oxide.

In a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial the daily administration of taurine (inducer of H2S) was effective in significantly decrease blood pressure in pre-hypertensive patients and the effect correlated with an increase in circulating H2S. Thereafter, being cysteine the substrate for H2S synthesis, it was proposed to associate a cysteine donor to further increase the effect, but no associations products were available in the market so far.













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